Express all feelings with Pootymoji

All, the day has finally arrived. All have eagerly waited and Pooty makes it worth all’s wait.

Pooty gives all a easy to use interface to download them all or just selection of pootymojis you wish to have.

Without further ado, Pooty introduces the disruptive technology known as Pootymoji.

Note: downloads work not in the Discord browser, all must use their native device browser like safari or chrome. 

Download pootymojis now! 


Pooty introduces to all Pooty v2.69

Pooty brings great news to all!

As all know Pooty was mercilessly zeroed at the hands of SNU about two weeks ago. The clan known as SNU makes a disgusting video in attempts to belittle Pooty. But Pooty relents not! As Pooty always says, troops can be retrained, fires can be extinguished, Pooty cannot! They may take Pootys troops, they may take Pootys gold, but Pootys soul and honor they can take not!

Now that Pooty has fully recovered, Pooty is here today to introduce a product which all crave. A product like none other. A product more powerful than anything Pooty has released. Pooty introduces to all, Pooty v2.69!

Pooty teaches all the difference between class and classless.

Class by Pooty (and Jatz for beautiful words)

Classless by SNU

Zero In On SNU

As all ramp up the zeroings on SNU Pooty puts a handy dandy checklist together for all. Please help Pooty fill in the blanks and submit any zeroing thats happen as all see them using the form on this page. Pooty wishes all peace and love to all and heres hoping the SNU shall be wiped off the map soon.
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Pooty Please, a poem by the muse known as Jatz

In the filthy swamp
South-west of home
A rotating trio
Attacks all biomes

Night and day
They snipe all mobs
Titans, Skellies
Treants, Gobs

Our fearless teams
Inflict mental pain
SNU's resolve withers
SNU's resolve wanes

Messages of victories
From the front line
Messages of despair 
From Lorelei

The fall of SNU
Brought to their knees
Remembered by two words
"Pooty please"

A Biopic for all, Fall of SNU SNU: Death by Poo Poo

As the seventh Great War rages on, pooty brings all an update from the front lines. What a day yesterday was! The large man known as Dakizz is practically zeroed! The man loses around 2.5 million troops and 300 million might as a result of the brave sacrifices of the clans known as D1A, MoD, and 2HS. As Pooty sits and watches the fireworks, Pooty thinks to himself, how desperate this situation becomes. Where does it end? What is the resolution? Pooty knows not. For all, the muse know as Jatz and Pooty put together a biopic piece to express all feeling for the seventh Great War. Pooty is certain what the word biopic means not, but it sounds good to Pooty. Enjoy!

Katostrophic Korner: Growth tips for all, 4 hit 8s

This week Pooty sits down with the man known as Katastrophic from the realm known as 21. Pooty sits and watches the man without him knowing, not in a creepy way, but in an admirable way, a non creepy admirable way yes. Like all would look up that ex on facebook kind of way. Pooty sees the man make 4 marches at a level 8 monster and the rest is history. Pootys sits down with the man, heres what he has to say. 

Pooty: Pooty enjoys watching the man take down that 8 so quickly

Katastrophic: hahah yeah its nice

Pooty: If the man has 45 minutes Pooty shows the man how Pooty does his 8’s

(Inaudible, murmuring under voice) 

Katastrophic:  research max monster damage, max huntress, max monster damage, work on allies, work on biome trees, unlock t4 and bam hit 4 8s.

So there you have it folks, get research done and all can be like the man known as Katastrophic. research max monster damage, max huntress, max monster damage, work on allies, work on biome trees, unlock t4 and bam hit 4 8s. Right from the mans mouth. Pooty composes a tutorial video with music for all, of the man in action.  Now all can watch this beautiful feet, in a non creepy but admirable way. Enjoy!