Pooty Please, a poem by the muse known as Jatz

In the filthy swamp
South-west of home
A rotating trio
Attacks all biomes

Night and day
They snipe all mobs
Titans, Skellies
Treants, Gobs

Our fearless teams
Inflict mental pain
SNU's resolve withers
SNU's resolve wanes

Messages of victories
From the front line
Messages of despair 
From Lorelei

The fall of SNU
Brought to their knees
Remembered by two words
"Pooty please"

3 Replies to “Pooty Please, a poem by the muse known as Jatz”

  1. Buna dimineata domnule Mandrasescu, cu voia dumneavoastra as dori sa-i raspund domnului Filipas aici. Va multumesc. Mariana Cobby Kokaras

  2. Can i have the full reviewer and the answer key at my email.. Im planning to take an exam on april, please can you send it to my email thanks. Andee Hale Belshin

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