A week without Debbie; thoughts, reflections, and poetry

Pooty shakes off the cobwebs of shell shock, the fifth Great War has ended with the lowering of the flag of Debbie that flys high over the Rejects hive. Pooty neglects the booty as a consequence of the fifth Great War. To catch all up on the cliff notes of the fifth Great War, Pooty leaves all with 2 beautiful poems from the muses of BFY.

One dark, cold, day in the swamp of bunny
An enemy came to call
They flew the flag of the girl named Debbie
And stole riches from one and from all
The noble bunnies did their best
They put on quite a show
But the rejects were a major pest
Morale was at a low
Then from the distance, came a knight
Vive la resistance was his cry
The warrior known as Pooty
With brave Pudding by his side
Hope returned to the clan known as bunnies
And honor reigned once again
So they sang great songs about Pooty
The honorable man, known as friend!
This is the story of Pooty
and Lady Puddingtane.
They waged a two-man war
for no material gain.

Our heroes were disturbed
by an evil Avatar;
To wage this war within our realm
they would travel very far.

The targets of their ire
were a travelling foreign clan;
Who worshipped Evil Debbie,
when our heroes hatched a plan.

They travelled to the Rejects
and in their Swamp did camp.
Which took a lot of fortitude,
'cause Swamps are cold and damp.

For seven days and seven nights,
they sniped the heathens' kills;
They deprived the wayward Rejects
from getting any thrills.

Then Otter rejected Debbie
as their resolve did wane and wane.
So today we live to celebrate
Pootytay and Puddingtane.